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1.     Log on to http://firstnetcampus.com/icrmp/entities/icrmp/logon.htm


2.     If you are not already a registered user, click on the I Am a New User button at the bottom of the page. 


3.     Select Bonner County as your organization from the drop down menu and 911 as your organization department. Once you have selected both items, click on the Continue button. 


4.     Once on the Registration page, create your own User Name and Password and be sure to memorize or write it down for future use. Complete the rest of the boxes marked with an asterisk *. Click on Submit Information to complete the registration. 


5.    After you register or login for the first time, the My Profile screen appears. This is used to enter or edit your personal information. You can access this again by clicking on the My Profile tab.


6.     Click on the My Courses tab to see a list of required courses. Click a Course Title to launch the course.

  • The Cell Phones and Driving and the Safe Backing courses are short videos you must watch in their entirety.
  • The Personnel Policy Review and the Vehicle Use Policy Review documents will open in a separate window, which you can close as soon as you are finished reviewing. Mark the checkboxes accordingly. 
  • Supervisors will need to take an additional course called The Role of the Supervisor.

7.     To view your transcript report or to print course certificates, click on the Student Center tab. 

8.     You will be require to attend a Driver Safety meeting conducted by ICRMP as well. A sign-in sheet at the meeting will document your attendance. You will be notified by a supervisor the time/place of this meeting.


9.     If you experience any difficulty or if you are a registered user and have forgotten your User Name and/or Password, please contact Shannon or one of your supervisors.



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