Bonner County 9-1-1 aims to provide effective, efficient service to all citizens in their time of need; to ensure a safe environment for responders while maintaining professional conduct; and is committed to performing to the best of our abilities at all times.

Bonner 9-1-1

One of the many services provided to you by your local government is 9-1-1. This single telephone number to call for emergency services has saved countless lives over the years. Idaho Code (Title 31, Chapter 48) makes each county board of commissioners responsible for providing this service to you. The result of this is when you call for help, the 9-1-1 operator is someone who lives right here in your community. They care deeply because they're a part of our community. Bonner County created a combined 9-1-1 center in 1998. This new center was responsible for answering all 9-1-1 telephone calls within the county and dispatching all public safety agencies responding to calls in the county. In 2004 the Bonner County Board of County Commissioners created a new, state-of-the-art facility.


The purpose of the Bonner County 9-1-1 Center is to provide a central location where emergency calls for assistance from the citizens of, and visitors to, Bonner County, may be answered by skilled Call Takers in a prompt, compassionate, and courteous matter. It also provides the primary dispatch facility for all Fire, Emergency Medical Service (EMS) and most law enforcement agencies in Bonner County.


The Bonner County 9-1-1 Center is committed to provide the highest quality emergency response service possible to its citizens, as well as visitors to the county. The 9-1-1 Center also continues to help protect and ensure the safety of all dispatched law enforcement, fire and EMS personnel so that they may return home safely to their families.


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